All business enterprises must be registered with the Registrar-General of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) (Registrar of Companies). A foreign investor wishing to set up business operation in Nigeria should take all steps necessary to obtain local incorporation of the Nigerian branch or subsidiary. Business activities may be undertaken in Nigeria as a :

Private or Public limited liability company;
Unlimited liability company;
Company limited by guarantee;
Foreign Company (branch or subsidiary of foreign company)
Sole Proprietorship;
Incorporated trustees;
Representative office;

Investment opportunities
There are over 2000 industrial establishments in the country. Among these are a giant oil industry, Iron complexes, steel rolling mius, pharmaceutical industries, food processing, car assembling and the up-coming Export Processing Zone (EPZ). Government economic policy favours and places priority on greater investment in agricultural production and manufacturing and exports of production, abundantly skilled and versatile human resources and access to a vast local market of over 100 million people and beyond in the sub-region. Sectoral highlights are addressed in the following sections:

Under the privatisation programme as announced on July 20, 1998 by H.E Gen Abdulsalami Abubakar, Government will retain 40% of the telecom, electricity, petroleum refineries, coal and bitumen production, tourism, and spill-overs from the first phase of privatisation equities of the affected enterprises whilst 40% will be alienated to strategic investors with the right technical, financial and management capabilities. The remaining 20% will be sold to the Nigerian public through the Stock Exchange.

1) Textile fabrics of all types and articles thereof, chapters 50~63, but excluding:
-Nylon tyre cord - H.S. Code (5902.1000-5902.900)
- Multifilament Nylon chafer fabric and tracing cloth- H.S. Code (5111.2000;5112.2000 and 5901.9000)
- Mattrass Tickings - H.S. Code(5903.1000 - 5903.9000)
- Narrow Fabrics - H.S. Code(5806.1000-5806.4000) Trimmings and linings - H.S. Code
-(5909.0000;6117.9000;5809.9000;6003.00,6307.9000) Made-up fishing nets - H.S. Code(5608.1100)
- Mosquito Netting Materials - H.S. Code (5608.1900 and 5608.9000)
- Gloves for Industrial use - H.S. Code (6116.1000-6116.9900)
-Canvas Fabrics for Manufacture of Fan Velts - H.S. Code (5907.0000,5908.80000)
- Moulding cups Lacra - H.S. Code (212.9000)
- Elastic Bands - H.S. Code(5604.9000)
- Motifs - H.S. Code(5810.1000-5810.9000)
- Textile Fabrics and articles for Technical use - H.S. Code(5911.1000-5911.9000)
- Transmission or Convey or belt or belting of textile materials - H.S. Code (5911.9000)
- Poly propylene primary backing material - H.S. Code (5512.110 - 5512.9900)
- Fibre rop - H.S. Code (5607.1000-5607.9000)
- Mutilated rags - H.S. Code (6310.1100)
- Sacks and bags - H.S. Code (6305.1000 and 6305.2000)